July 21, 2019

Celebrating ‘Inspirational People’ week at GSM London

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As we celebrate ‘Inspirational People’ week at GSM London, we decided to look back at some of our very own inspirational students who have achieved outstanding work.

We are proud to praise our students and share their stories and achievements within the GSM London community. As exciting times take place at GSM London, our student’s journeys continue to be at the center of our journey.


Starting A Charity

Last year’s GSM London Horizon Award winner, Fanta Kaba started her own charity while studying for a degree in Business Management. During her time at GSM London, she took on the role of Student Ambassador and Representative, to be the voice of fellow pupils. While studying for her degree she decided to start volunteering for a charity in her spare time and was amazed by the work charity organisations do. Fanta Kaba was first inspired to get involved with charity work when she visited her grandmother’s village back home. She was shocked by the level of poverty and saw first-hand the living conditions of the people. She later returned, with determination to make a change. Now she is working hard to grow her own charity in order to help make a positive impact on those living in poorer conditions.


Entrepreneur Mum

Choanna Gordon Ander manages her talent agency, takes care of her three daughters and is on her way to get a degree in ‘Events and Entertainment Management’. On a mission, Choanna decided to return to studying after having her daughters, to fulfill her dream of working in the entertainment industry. She faced challenges trying to balance work, family life and study time, but she stayed determined. Now she continues to work across the UK with her talent agency ‘UK Talent Train Promotions’ (UK TT) to inspire and motivate young people.


Innovative Ideas

Since completing an EMBA at GSM London, Stuart Lambert became the founder of Crosshead- a groundbreaking company that designs ‘easy to transport bikes’ that still deliver top performance.  After joining the family business, Stuart didn’t settle into his co-operative role and left within a brief period. With funds available from his settlement package and knowledge from the EMBA programme, he decided to take up a new career and focused on his idea of a folding yet high-performance bicycle. After a successful launch, he continues to design and produce Crosshead bikes.


Passion For Volunteering

GSM London alumni Mohammed Sheikh spent 72 hours sleeping rough to raise awareness for homeless people. Volunteering to spend those nights on the street he wanted to really understand what it feels like to be without a home and the true vulnerability of life on the streets. During his time at GSM London studying Accounting and Finance, he became a Student Ambassador representing the department and guiding students through induction weeks. After graduating he continued with encouraging volunteer work for the ‘Who is Hussain’ charity organisation and raised around £2,000 after climbing Montserrat mountain in Spain.

These students are only the few that we have had the chance to talk with. They have inspired the academic community at GSM London. We will continue to recognise the astonishing stories of our students and share them to help inspire others. Start your journey with GSM London today and let us share your story.


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