June 26, 2019

Becoming an Adult Student

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How will I survive?

You finished school and found yourself not quite ready for further education. Perhaps you finished school and followed your heart to travel or raise a family. Maybe your priorities had to change, and you were not able to follow the traditional route of attending university straight after school.

Whatever the reason, you have now found yourself ready to go back to studying. You are ready to learn something new, meet people and accomplish your goals. Returning to education as a mature student comes with its hurdles, but do not let that stop you from embarking on a new path. Here are some issues that might concern you as an adult learner, and our advice on how to overcome those barriers.

Can I afford to take a degree?

The expenses of returning to higher education are one of the most cited issues for adult students.
With the constant fear of student fees rising, it can be daunting for every student. Perhaps more as an adult who would have to consider quitting their full-time job and is already committed to so many responsibilities.

However, Just like new school-leavers, adults who choose to get back into further study can get financial help. From a range of loans, grants, bursaries and scholarships to help fund their course. At GSM London our course advisors are on hand to discuss what funding options are available to help you.

Do I have time to take a degree?

It’s easy for adults to feel swamped with their current responsibilities from work and family life to finding social balance. As a result, many fear the time factor of study which might include spending long hours in the library researching and prepping for exams or essays. Although these may sound intimidating there are multiple ways to overcome the timing issue. From study groups to revision timetables, it’s about finding a schedule that fits around you and your commitments. As you settle into your course you will make friends, who are all in the same boat as you and suddenly time is well spent.

What if I don’t fit in?

It could be overwhelming for a mature student to be sitting in a classroom full of teenagers, whose priorities are completely different from theirs. The fear of not being able to communicate over the same topics and life experiences are worrying thoughts.

In contrast to the above scenario, being in that environment a young person can see and respect the difference in the life experience of an adult classmate. You also find it easier to get along with tutors and lecturers on a different level due to this experience. If it’s not the fear of fitting in with classmates, perhaps it’s the fear of lacking up to date skills.

Not to worry, as even though you have been out of the education system for some time, as an adult you’ve probably been using most skills required in an everyday work life. As for the process of writing hefty essays and exams, GSM offers various support workshops to help boost your confidence.

If you do decide to take the plunge into education as an adult student, put things into a long-term perspective and those short-term worries will not matter as much. Take it as an opportunity to interact with new people from diverse backgrounds and be open-minded to learning everything that comes your way. Join a GSM course today and do more for a better you.

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