June 26, 2019

Balancing study with life commitments as an adult learner

Oluwaseun chose to study at GSM London because of the flexibility we offer students. As an adult learner with other important commitments, she needed a study option that would suit and support all aspects of her life. Now studying BSc (Hons) Business Management, Oluwaseun tells us how studying at GSM London has helped her manage her widespread responsibilities and achieve her educational goals.

GSM London Adult Learner Oluwaseun“I have to work and support my family, which means a flexible study option is vital to me. It’s a year into my two-year accelerated BSc (Hons) Business Management course and I’ve been able to manage all of those responsibilities, study and get good grades, thanks to GSM London. When my course finishes, I plan to continue studying, and get a Master’s degree.

“I’ve found GSM London to be a very conducive learning environment. The library always has all the books and online resources I need for my course, and I’ve particularly enjoyed the modules on business law, which is a particular interest of mine. There is also the exciting opportunity to attend open lectures on contemporary themes and issues.

“For example, I recently attended Dr Michael Reynolds’s international law sessions, which were thought provoking and interactive. We discussed the extent to which international law was a factor in Britain’s entry into the Great War. It was great to have the opportunity to examine this in so much depth – it’s not just education for education’s sake.

“The lectures and tutorials are small which means there are a lot of opportunities for one-to-one learning, and the tutors are very experienced – both academically and in business.

“As an adult learner, I particularly appreciate that the tutors are able to relate to students of all ages and backgrounds. Not only that, but the GSM London tutors really acknowledge and understand the experience we bring to the course too.”

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