June 16, 2019

Annual Careers Fair

1On November 2nd, Greenwich Dance Theatre saw GSM London host its annual Careers Fair. The Fair, open to all students and alumni, boasted 35 exhibitors each representing an array of employers. Could it get any better?! Yes of course. Running from 12 noon to 3pm, we decided to treat those who attended with the serving of Caribbean street food to be enjoyed between speaking to employers.

Tell Us Who!

Thanks to Andrew Falconer, Director of Careers and Employability, and his team including alumnus Claudia Algeria, this year’s Careers Fair boasted employers from thriving industries such as:

  • Chess Subsea (Oil and Gas exploration)
  • NHS
  • Qatar Airways (Travel and Tourism)
  • Fidessa (IT)
  • CSC (Computing)
  • Royall Mail (Logistics)
  • EAT (logistics).
  • Metrobank
  • London City Airport
  • Stansted Airport


The Fair marks the start of an exceptionally busy time for the Careers and Employability team, with various themed careers weeks following soon after such as Entrepreneurship week between the 14th and 18th of November. Andrew was especially pleased that former students have played such a big part in the organisation of this year’s Fair, including Events Manager Sonia Taher, who is now working at Thompson Reuters.


“What makes this year’s fair special is the breadth of organisations that are attending. There really is something for everyone and I encourage every student to attend.”

Andrew Falconer, Director of Careers and Employability


There will be a series of employment events for alumni between November 30th and February 2nd 2017 organised by alumnus Venus Speedwell. Keep an eye out for more career focused blog posts regarding GSM London events.


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