April 22, 2019

Sophisticated cocktail bars to experience in London

London has always been acclaimed for its fantastic nightlife; whether it’s a lively bar for enjoying live music or a sophisticated hangout for sipping a cocktail that you want, all this and more can be found in the capital. If it’s the latter you’re after, here are some of the finest spots in London that you should seek out.

69 Colebrook Row

Self-stylised as ‘the bar with no name’, 69 Colebrook Row is renowned as being among the best bars in London, despite being hidden away on an Islington backstreet. It is run by Tony Conglario – a figure revered for his dedication to the art of pouring the perfect cocktail. Because of its glowing reputation, connoisseurs may be disappointment when looking to sample the menu unless they book in advance.

With vintage advertising posters, black and white checked floor tiles and a piano playing swinging tunes, 69 Colebrook Row is an absolute must-visit for anyone studying in London. Many have visited this bar over the years, and everyone has arrived at the same conclusion: it’s very hard to find fault with the establishment.

Booking Office

The 17th Parallel cocktail ready to drink
Image Credit: Dana Beveridge (Flickr.com)

Featuring a fine oak-panelled bar, grand arches and leather chairs, the luxury and elegance of the Booking Office makes it one of the most popular bars in central London.

As for its menu, the long and short of it is that the offerings at this Euston speakeasy are simply incredible; whether it’s traditional punch served in a mug, or cocktails from the Cosmopolitan Daisy to the Duke of Manchester Bloodhound, the Booking Office looks to cater for all tastes and there aren’t many visitors who leave this top bar in London disappointed.

Experimental Cocktail Club

Among the more peculiar bars in London is the Experimental Cocktail Club, spread across three levels of a conventional Chinatown townhouse to offer a unique experience on your cocktail journey in the capital. While its name might not fully reflect its menu, what this bar does offer is a host of competitively priced cocktails which aren’t too ostentatious in terms of their ingredients, making it accessible for students taking event management degrees in the city.

Bookings are not necessary, and guests should be advised that reservations for large groups cannot be catered for on weekends.

Mandarin Bar

Finally, we have the Mandarin Bar, nestled in leafy Knightsbridge and aimed at those looking for a slice of luxury. Attached to the famous restaurant Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, all the cocktails on offer here are made to measure and the impeccable staff are taught not to put a foot wrong. While the prices may be understandably steep, its deliberately sleek and modern luxury has helped it become known as one of the finest London cocktail bars.

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of cocktail bars in London and want to share an experience of an establishment not mentioned in this article, why not head to the GSM London Facebook page and tell us all about it?

Main Image Credit: R4vi (Flickr.com)

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