June 16, 2019

Some top reasonably priced London restaurants

Everyone knows that London is a great place to eat out, but this reputation often comes with a warning label about the potential price of doing so. Don’t be put off trying to discover some fine cuisine if you are in the city studying on an MBA degree or other course, however, as there are also plenty of hidden gems which offer brilliant food without the need to break the bank. Here are a few of our favourites:

1)     Beatroot – a well established, friendly and relaxed vegetarian joint in the heart of Soho that has been running very successfully since the ’80s, Beatroot isn’t a proper sit-down restaurant as such, although it does have a fair bit of outdoor seating. Diners can choose from ten high quality hot dishes at any one time, with some of the more regular appearances being made by things such as lentil and mushroom shepherd’s pie and bean hotpot.

2)     Rasa Sayang – one of the best things about coming to study in London, of course, is the opportunity it presents to experience the city’s diversity, and the Malaysian Rasa Sayang in Chinatown is a top example of this. Truly beautiful traditional Asian dishes are rarely more than £7 for a main, and the service is known for its speedy and friendly nature.

3)     Vincent Rooms – finally, if you want to experience a touch of luxury at an (almost) budget price, try the Vincent Rooms at Westminster. What makes this restaurant different is that its waiting staff is made up of students training at a nearby college, meaning that they are always eager to please. As it is basically a training establishment, the restaurant is also exceptionally cheap given its fantastic quality, with a sumptuous three-course menu including things like mallard breast and sea bass fillets priced at only £22.50.


Image credit: Steven Depolo (flickr.com)

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