June 26, 2019

London’s best shops for great vintage buys

London is one of the fashion capitals of the world, with its shops featuring everything from shoes to shorts and bags to blouses. Keeping up with the fashion may be a bit tricky on a student budget, but those studying on a human resources course or other programme with us can get great fashion at a great price at these vintage stores.

Beyond Retro

Located on Brick Lane, Beyond Retro is one of the reasons why the area has such impressive fashion credentials. Retro fashion from a range of eras fills the well-stocked rails of this store, and amongst all the colours and accessories there is sure to be at least one piece that warrants an hour of digging. They have been in business for over 10 years and have even expanded to be able to offer a Beyond Retro online shop.


Also located on Brick Lane, Blitz offers a more organised approach to vintage clothing. Set out like a department store over a number of floors of a renovated furniture factory, clothes are steamed and set out neatly, the book collection is extensive and well-organised shoppers could spend hours on the accessories floor.

Absolute Vintage

This is vintage shopping in its most pure form; stuffed to the brim with stock, with hidden designer Gucci bags tucked away amongst garish looking scarves and cheap and cheerful bargains aplenty. Like Beyond Retro, Absolute Vintage also has an online shop where shoppers can browse from the comfort of their home.

East End Thrift Store

Stylish students undertaking a finance course will know the importance of sticking to a realistic budget, and this is where the East End Thrift Store thrives. Described by Vogue as “the legendary cult vintage store”, the East End Thrift Store offers affordable pre-loved clothing and lots of it, and the owners are reportedly very good at picking out vintage versions of current trends. There is no online site just yet so make sure to get off the tube at Stepney Green and browse the rails.

Image Credit: miss.libertine (flickr.com)

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