July 17, 2019

London locals lead the way to higher education

According to the latest findings from the Higher Education Funding Council for England, the number of young people in London attending university has dramatically increased in recent years in proportion with other parts of the UK.

The figures show that young Londoners are now 36 per cent more likely to attend a higher education institution than they were in the late 1990s. This is 10 per cent more than in other areas in the UK where students are far less likely to go on to study for a business management course or similar degree at a higher level.

While this is good news for the efforts London educators put towards encouraging the city’s pupils to continue education, it is stressed that more can still be done to promote widening participation.

Although the proportion of students from less privileged backgrounds attending university is on the rise, there is much else left to be achieved, as this figure will need to treble in order to match participation levels in the most advantaged areas, according to the Guardian and echoed in this GSM London press release.

Image Credit: Dave Stokes (flickr.com)

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