June 26, 2019

Journalist explores London with 3D pigeon simulator

A BBC journalist had the opportunity to test a new simulator that has been designed by a London university: a pigeon simulator. Inspired by the capital’s most familiar flying creatures, the simulator allows users to navigate through 3D London by enacting the movements of a pigeon.

As can be seen in this report from Jane Wakefield, the BBC’s technology reporter, the simulator offers users a unique way to experience London. Whilst the streets will be familiar to those who are studying at a London university, the simulator allows users to look down on them from above, banking with arms outstretched to turn left or right, flapping the arms to rise higher and leaning forward to dive down.

As well as being a novel way of discovering London, the simulator also demonstrates the ingenuity currently coming out of the city’s universities. The simulator uses the Google Earth 3D plug-in to create a simulation of London’s streets, and a Microsoft Kinetic sensor to register the movements of the user.

Image Credit: SPakhrin (flickr.com)

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