July 23, 2019

International guide to studying in London

GSM London - London Skyline

A Guide to Studying  in London for international students by Joanna Mirek-Tooth, Director of Studies – GSM London School of English.

Welcome to the GSM London School of English blog. In this and the coming updates I’ll be giving you the scoop on studying and living in London so you can see what the metropolitan city has to offer international students, and how GSM London fits in as part of this experience. In this first blog entry I’ll be introducing some essential tips for arrival, as well as some useful hints for study, some of which you can start using straight away.

Arrival in London, especially for the first time, can be a daunting process but don’t worry, the signposting and directions here are very clear, and there are helpful staff (and locals!) on hand to help out. Heathrow Airport is often the main entry point. Plan carefully how you’ll get from the airport to where your accommodation is, AA Route Planner is a good website to use. My advice would be get yourself a good travel app – these are invaluable for planning routes through London. One of my favourites is the “citymapper” app, which will give you detailed information on the quickest and simplest ways to get from one point to another, with maps and live public transport timetables.  From Heathrow, one of the best ways to reach the city centre is to use the world famous underground system or “tube”. Follow signs to the underground and Piccadilly Line, which runs right through into Central London. GSM London - undergroundThere’s no signal on the tubes, so make sure you’ve got a good book or pick up the Metro or Evening Standard (free London newspapers). An alternative would be taxi, but be warned as they can be expensive!

The GSM London Greenford Campus is located to the west of the city and will be the focal point of your studies.

Taking responsibility for your learning is really important, so it’s important to use your time outside class to build on your skills. Websites such as the British Council Learn English, offer an amazing range of free resources to help your listening and reading skills, and build your vocabulary. Get the most out your studies by joining social events and taking every opportunity to speak in English with people such as current students who have had time to get orientated. We run some exciting events here.

That’s all for the first blog but be sure to look out for Part 2 where I’ll be going through a full review of our study resources so you can see how to get the most out of your studies with us, and I’ll be discussing my own favourite places to experience life in this hugely exciting city for international students.

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