September 22, 2018

The best London gyms for students

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With the study and socialising that comes with higher education, it can leave even the healthiest of students feeling sluggish, tired and just downright unfit after a while. That is why many turn to the gym; not only can you feel more energetic and healthy within a matter of weeks, regular exercise can help to benefit study and socialising too.

The best London gyms for students

The extra endorphins gained by a weekly workout can have a great impact on degree life, so if you haven’t joined a local gym yet, or are looking for a better student gym membership, there are a surprising number of options available to you in London. Have a quick read of this guide to London gyms for students and you can learn how your NUS card can make a big difference, how to get the most out of your workout and where is best in the big city.

Best gyms

The best thing about studying for a BSc business management course or similar in London is that there are endless choices available. From a women-only fitness centre to a pay-as-you-go gym, there will be a facility to suit your lifestyle. Here is your mini guide to the best out there for you.

  • The cool gym

The Gymbox in High Holborn has a number of cool and unusual workouts to try including the ‘Tour de Holborn’ spinning class and the ‘Lady Gaga’ class. And, if the witty names weren’t enough, they also give off a stylish nightclub vibe while you work out, on top of a large movie screen in the central area alongside a full-size boxing ring.

  • The 24-hour gym

The student lifestyle is known above all for its all-nighters, whether that’s in terms of deadlines or a late one at the pub, so a 24-hour gym is guaranteed to fit in with this lifestyle. The Gym Group is known for its futuristic pod and pin set up, whereby gym-goers type in their unique code and enter through the entry pod, so there’s no need for staff to close up at the end of the evening, because there aren’t any!

  • The pay as you go gym

The website has formed partnerships with thousands of gyms across England, and plenty in London, to offer people flexible and affordable gym options. With daily passes, bundles, short-term memberships and fitness classes offering flexible fitness to suit your lifestyle, PayasUgym is the perfect fitness website for all students, especially in London! Simply log on and find a gym that suits you.

  • The traditional gym

LA fitness London is the traditional gym that offers everything you would need and expect from a fitness space. With great trainers and staff, as well as discounts for NUS card holders, this standard gym offers everything you could hope for. They even have a free 3 day membership so you can see whether it is a good fit for you before you join!

The traditional gym

Similarly, Fitness First has a number of gym locations in London and also offers great prices for students that often come with free initial personal trainer sessions to get you started. Fitness First also operates a try-before-you-join policy with a complimentary workout session; just check out their website at for more details on their gyms and classes.

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Best priced memberships

It doesn’t take a London accounting degree student to know that gym memberships can be very expensive in the city, and whilst some of the best may be out of the student price range, the other best thing about London is that the sheer number of fitness facilities drive up the competition and there are therefore many deals out there to be had.

Luckily for undergraduates, most gyms will offer some form of discount with either a student card or NUS card, so it is well worth checking around. has a great selection of links to student gym discounts and free passes so you can try before you buy to make sure you find the right gym environment for you.

Best routines and advice

Now you have the best – and the cheapest – gym for you, all that is left is the workout itself.

For the student that doesn’t have a lot of spare time on their hands to dedicate to working out, there are some great workout routines that won’t see you having to spend hours in the weight room. For the men there is a great selection on, helping you gain a six-pack in as little as four weeks, and for the women there is, where you can select a workout by body part and duration.

When it comes to student fitness it is also worth taking heed of some tips from across the pond. has some great advice specifically for students, including an entire programme aimed at keeping students fit on a limited time schedule and budget, as well as an entire section for students on motivation, diet and fitness.

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