April 22, 2019

Best first date locations for students in London

Student living in London can be expensive. This leaves many accustomed to going out on a budget, but what can you do when you’ve asked someone out on a date? When an Orange Wednesday code just won’t cut it, here is a list of some of the best date locations London has to offer.

Ice Bar

While the Ice Bar in Piccadilly Circus isn’t the cheapest of options for a first date, it certainly has the wow factor and will ensure it is you determining whether a second date is on the cards. If you are on a business management degree in London you will know the nation’s great capital has so much more to offer than the typical restaurant and that includes a bar where everything is made from crystal clear Torne River ice all the way from Northern Sweden. Entrance includes your first drink, with refills for £6.50, and there are always offers on, so be sure to check their website.

Moonlit walk along the South Bank of the Thames

Following drinks you can always warm up, arm in arm, with a walk along the Thames. The South Bank offers a pretty backdrop for getting to know each other and there is often live music to break any momentary silences.

London Zoo

A real crowd-pleaser, London Zoo has a wide range of species to discover and offers very reasonable concession prices for those who study in London. Be sure to visit their website too, as you can receive an online discount and avoid the awkward ‘who’s paying’ moment.

Natural History Museum evening

Much more than just a museum, the Natural History Museum has a late night on the last Friday of every month. Open until 10pm, free admission is still the standard, whilst food, drinks and even live jazz can really set the mood. And it doesn’t hurt that a 2006 survey found that 20% of people fell in love in a museum. Just saying.

Image Credit: Courtney Carmody (flickr.com)

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