June 16, 2019

An Interview with Philip Pryce, Student Entrepreneur

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What do you do?

As well as being a student at GSM London, I am Managing Director of Pryce Business Services Ltd, a digital marketing company dedicated to helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. Using my marketing know how, I provide my clients with services that help to grow their online presence – from blog writing and social media management to website development.

Is it difficult starting a company whilst studying?

University is the perfect time to start a company because of how mentally active it forces us to be. It’s a time where an abundance of ideas are bustling through our minds, so why not go for it now? Understandably, some courses might take up a lot more time than others but if you have time to consider it then you have time to start planning.

How do you determine your success?

I’m a strong believer in the idea that we define our own success. No two people walk the same path because we all have different obstacles in our personal and professional lives that hinder us from reaching our goals. I have been successful in starting a company and securing clients, and though I am not yet the millionaire I want to be, I do consider myself to be successful. It’s all about perception. When I first started Pryce Business services in 2015 I was stuck in a negative mindset. I had just withdrawn myself from another university and felt I had achieved nothing in comparison to everyone around me. My friends were all either moving on in university, working in well paid jobs and in some cases started their own business ventures. Meanwhile I was back at home clueless as to what my next step was. That’s where GSM London came in!

How has GSM London helped you?

During this time of confusion, I visited GSM London Greenford campus and was able to speak to Dean Christy Traore. Christy introduced to me a range of new undergraduate courses that were now on offer and immediately I knew which course was for me – Marketing! This was the start of something new.

After discovering the BSc (Hons) Marketing programme I couldn’t get enough of it. I read book after book and it was then I realised my interest in online communication and digital marketing. I was so eager to learn more that I kept in contact with GSM London staff and soon after my first visit started a years internship with the Greenford campus marketing team. Things were finally looking up. I took part in as many activities as I possibly could, from writing blog posts and composing social messages to assiting in the management of photo shoots and video shoots all over London. Due to my hard work and resilience I soon became a poster boy for the University’s marketing campaigns. I didn’t realise the impact it had on my life until I bumped into a random person at a resturaunt and was refered to as “Mr GSM”. Since then, I’ve had many local business owners and entrepreneurs come into contact and or work with me. Networking within the university enabled me to gain support from businesses and professionals that have empowered me to provide the services that I offer my clients.

Without GSM London I wouldn’t be as hungry for success as I am now, and I most definitely wouldn’t be in the position I am today.


Find out what Philip is up to on his social media:

Twitter – @Philip_PBS


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