June 26, 2019

Events or Creative Management?

The hostile weather did not prevent a large number of visitors attending the Events fair at London Olympia in February. The fair hosted a range of industries involved in this sector. From company branding, security and crowd management to planning carnivals, most aspects of Event Management was represented.

Within the colourful array of stands technology was certainly evident and latest innovations were on display. If you are looking to

Just one of the creative displays that have been used at Events involving a range of artistic and IT skills

apply IT or 3D design in a sector, Events management could be for you.

The latest technological advances in engineering allows for Pop Up arenas to quickly be assembled to host sports events. This was demonstrated by a mock arena being on display by Popuparena.  If your community wants to encourage the next tennis player or you are nowhere near a beach then a tennis court or beach volley ball competition can come to your neighbourhood.

Given the UK’s vibrant and diverse cultures, Mahogony were keen to explain how they can coordinate carnivals for local communities who desire to celebrate their festivals.  Mahogony have spread their operations across European communities to encourage carnival events.  It requires  a range of diverse management and marketing skills. Your degree in Events management prepares you for working in such community and continental projects.

Then there were those events companies leveraging the latest technology and using backdrops to set up spectacular displays with a range of art work and graphics to create an illusion or the perfect backdrop for the context of the event.  Symphotech and WTSevents were examples of companies where your creative talents and good IT skills can be highly prized.

There are also events companies dealing in more specialist design skills making those products and artefacts that complement an event. Or there are those companies

This visitor to the events fair is caught in the backdrop of St Paul’s , giving the illusion he is in the City of London. One of the many backdrop and stunning displays with images from across the world.

offering specialist services such as security. Often the personnel  within these companies are drawn from previous employment sectors such as the police or army.

Several graduates were taking part in the eventist competition to win the prize of an internship ESP recruitment by demonstrating strong communication skills as each of them presented their business case to a panel of recruiters.

Several strong themes emerged from the fair. Firstly Events management can help build communities and empower local talent to become more visible.  It plays a key role in bringing together people from culturally diverse backgrounds. Another theme was the diverse backgrounds of people working in this sector, with different skills and specialisms drawn from IT to marketing. Nevertheless it was evident all the representatives shared  a common passion for working in Events management  because putting on an event can bring real benefits to any community.


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