June 16, 2019

Case study: Sandro Mascarenhas

The Hotel Elba

Sandro is a BSc Business Management student at GSM London who is nearing the end of his degree programme. Here he tells us about his upcoming internship and how GSM London helped him to secure it.

“I have a passion for business, people and everything that includes – innovation, leadership, and teamwork. That’s why I chose the business management course at GSM London. I wanted to develop an understanding of the business sector and the market so that in the future I had the knowledge to start my own company and follow my passion.

My course is about to finish and the skills I have learned from it are invaluable. Academically, I found studying business modeling and how companies are floated on the market the most interesting and useful. Alongside this, I have received vocational support and careers advice that has helped me to secure an internship in the travel and tourism industry.

The internship is at Hotel Elba in Fuerteventura, part of the Canary Islands. I secured it by researching the company and then making an application to them. The Careers and Development department was there to help me with my CV and interview technique – the advice and support I received from them were excellent.

Although I am not necessarily planning a career in tourism, I hope to use this opportunity to develop my management skills, learn about how a large company operates and to improve my Spanish. When the internship is over I hope to return to the UK and use the experience I have gained to find permanent employment.”

An interview with Sandro

How did you get to GSM, what’s your story? What made you choose your course?

I was trying to find a course in business management. I thought the course at GSM London looked interesting, so I applied for Business Management. I have a passion for business and things related and connected to people – leadership, team working – everything related to business – technology, innovation. That’s why I chose this course. To understand how things worked like the market, private and public.

Is there any particular sector that you’re interested in?

Energy, management consultancy, banking, technology.

How have you found the course, what did you enjoy the most?

The skills we have to learn. The techniques that companies use to float business on the markets, the way that they do that is very interesting. Business modeling.

Did you find the vocational focus at GSM London helpful?

There is a lot of theory but if business students have a lot of passion, they can try to start a small business. We learn it, then apply it to the real world.

Tell me about your internship? How did you get it?

I tried to find an opportunity. I did a lot of research about the company, then I made an application. They invited me for a first interview. I’m not just focused on the tourism industry, I am more focused on management. I tried to find something related to management.

Did you get any help from the GSM London Careers and Development department?

They gave me a lot of help with everything – my CV, how to prepare for the interview.

What advice would you give to a student just starting out?

Dedication. Dedication. Dedication and results. Try it and always give things a go and you might get lucky.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I want to learn more languages – including Spanish and understand the way that the tourism industry works. Who the customers are? Whether it’s families, young people, couples. Which events they like to do – golf tournaments, football and other activities. I’ll also try to have fun and enjoy the work. And improve my skills and learn more and try to get on well with the other staff and interns.

After my internship, I hope to return to the UK to get more experience and get a job. When I come back I hope to have more English and a little Spanish and try to start my life.

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