June 26, 2019

Visit film locations in London

For those who have lived in London for a couple of years there comes a time when you might feel as though you have seen everything London has to offer; Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the galleries and museums, but there is so much more. London is often the location of choice when it comes to big Blockbuster films, with many locations right on your doorstep.

Visiting these famous locations is often easier than you might think, particularly for those who study in London, with many situated on route to campus.

One example is the 23rd James Bond instalment, Skyfall. M’s home is worth a visit, situated between Knightsbridge and Sloane Square at 82 Cadogan Square it also makes for a tribute to composer John Barry, who was responsible for many classic Bond themes, as this was also his home before he died in 2011. The National Gallery is not just for art lovers as it was the meeting place for Bond and the new Q, in front of the famous JMW Turner masterpiece The Fighting Temeraire, located in Room 34.

For the Rom-Com enthusiasts there is the British classic Bridget Jones’ Diary where many scenes of Renée Zellweger’s ditsy character were filmed in the heart of the city. Bridget’s flat, the setting for many a cooking and hair disaster, is above The Globe pub on Bedale Street. The famous Cleaver/Darcy fight in the ‘Greek restaurant’ actually occurred on the same street in what is now wine merchant Bedales at number 5.

For those in need of some more movie magic there are the famous London locations at which Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was filmed. This expedition can coincide with a fun day out for those taking a break from economics courses in London as one scene, where Harry learns he can speak to snakes by setting a boa constrictor free, was filmed at the Reptile House of London Zoo,. You can also visit platform 9 ¾, which is actually neither nine nor 10, but an arched wall between platforms four and five at King’s Cross Station. There is also a great photo opportunity by the entrance to platform nine, with a ‘disappearing’ trolley.

Image Credit: jason ilagan (flickr.com)

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