July 22, 2019

Trends in society suggest the want for flexibility

The needs and demands of society are constantly changing and recent trends show that the public are actively seeking more flexibility. Whether that is with flexi-time work, part time study or even just TV on demand, many are searching for ways in which they can do what they want, as and when it suits them. 

Society prefers flexibility with regards to working, studying and watching TV
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A recent article by Tanya Korobka at the Guardian discusses the importance of flexible working hours to both employees and employers, following the recent introduction of a right to request flexible working in the UK. Traditionally, it has often been a feature associated with women, but Tracey Eker, the founder of Flexiworkforce.com, explains the importance of everyone having access to flexible working and the benefits it can provide.

Flexible life = happier people

There are currently more than 129 million flexible workers in Western Europe, although this is still very far behind the successful methods of working that have been adopted in the US and Australia. Research has proven that those working with more flexibility have a higher production rate and generally feel happier in themselves. Employers can also benefit, as it reduces costs and lowers staff turnover rates, leading to a happier working environment for all.

Moving on to leisure time, a recent study by Virgin Media found that almost 50 per cent of those watching TV now prefer time-shifted watching, such as recorded or on demand. This shows a change in the desires of those in society, with many favouring watching TV when they wish, rather than tuning in to watch live programmes or shows as they are scheduled.

This can also be said for people studying degrees, with a high demand for part time learning, such as some courses provided by GSM London. Allowing students to study alongside work, childcare or other commitments can lead to a much happier degree experience, which can in turn lead to much better results.

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