July 18, 2019

2-Year fast-track degrees to be offered in Wales

The Welsh Conservative Party has proposed ideas that degree courses in the country should be cut from three years to two in a bid to help reduce student debt and get younger people out into the working world faster. The party will look to start on these plans should they win power in Cardiff but recognise that this wouldn’t be suitable for all degree courses.

The two-year accelerated degree is already a system implemented in higher education study in London across the best institutions where appropriate and Wales is now thinking of following suit. It is hoped that the introduction of ‘fast-track’ degrees in Wales will help reduce costs for students, parents and the government.

The devolved assembly’s shadow education minister, Angela Burns, explained the decision to the Guardian, stating that, “Student debt is rising year on year and could in future become a significant barrier to higher education so cutting debt and reducing the time taken to pay the money back could make HE more accessible to people from less well-off backgrounds”.

Image Credit: Denis Egan (flickr.com)

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