February 22, 2019

The World Bank calls for more women students

In a new report on Afghanistan’s higher education, women make up just 19% of students enrolled, resulting in The World Bank calling for the Afghan government to intervene.

This percentage is less than that of 2002 where female students equated to 30% of the total, even though the number female students has increased since then, the percentage has fallen due to enrolment as whole being on the up.

A senior advisor to Afghanistan’s higher education minister and government coordinator for the World Bank’s Strengthening Higher Education programme, Dr Shaheer Nesari said, ‘Besides proper infrastructure, low enrolment of women in our universities is related to several social and security issues’.

The World Bank and the ministry have said that the number of students in higher education in Afghanistan is among the lowest in the world, including those with similar per capita income and post-conflict countries. While it is not expected to see anything close to the figure of students who study in London, for example, the international financial institution would like to see the number of Afghan students enrolling increase as well as the number of female students.

Image Credit: Carol Mitchell (flickr.com)

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