July 23, 2019

Social Media Marketing

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Welcome to the Digital Revolution

The Internet, social media and mobile communication have transformed how we interact. The impact of this change has and is still affecting many organisations – leaving them with no choice but to invest in restructuring the way they connect with their target market, capitalizing on the various digital opportunities in today’s society.

A forward moving strategy

About a decade ago, the terms ‘E-Business, Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing’ weren’t nearly as common as they are now, and social media was mostly recognized as a communication platform rather than a strategy marketing tool. In February 2004, Facebook was launched as a social network platform, allowing subscribers to socially connect with friends, family and colleagues. Since then, Facebook along with various other social media websites such as Twitter, have ventured into advertising and are frequently used by both individuals and organisations to market themselves.

Getting it Right

Cultural and social changes are major factors for organisations that engage with their audiences digitally. They have to create relevant content that encourages interaction from current and potential followers.

Getting Started

It is always wise to conduct some competitor research before starting your social media strategy. Find out what others in similar fields to yours are talking about, or what is ‘trending’ on whichever site you are using.

Design a social media strategy that fits your company image. Be different! Be innovative! Be Creative! And be successful.

Compose a social media strategy that will make your organisation STAND OUT.


By Sam Koolmon


5 thoughts on “Social Media Marketing

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  2. Thanks, this has reminded me i need to set up a Twitter account. I have my first Marketing and Communications lecture tomorrow so I will wait and see what i can get from that too but great article I will certainly keep this in mind.

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