July 17, 2019

OPITO launch skills gap survey in oil and gas industry

A major oil and gas organisation is set to launch a widespread survey across the industry, which it is hoped will uncover the size of the existing skills gap in the North Sea oil and gas sector.

Set to begin next week, the survey is being carried out by OPITO and will feature more than 1,000 respondents, ranging from operators to contractors. Discussing the survey, John McDonald, Managing Director of OPITO UK, said that skills shortages have been one of the biggest challenges to face the industry in recent years and that differing findings regarding the issue have caused major confusion.

A development sure to be watched closely by those currently studying for oil and gas management qualifications, the survey should result in a better understanding of the sector’s workforce profile and become the primary source for industry-recognised information.

Image Credit: garybembridge (Flickr.com)

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