July 21, 2019

Part time students to benefit from Oyster card fares shake-up

Students studying part time degrees could save hundreds of pounds a year with the new flexible fares system announced by Boris Johnson earlier this month. The announcement by the London Mayor comes in a bid to “ensure that the capital remains a competitive global city and a fantastic place to live.”

Part time students to save hundreds of pounds
Travel for London pledged to help the estimated 600,000 part-time workers, as well as people with flexible working or studying patterns, by providing a discount similar to that available to commuters travelling five days a week. This has been a long debated subject but a £20million scheme will now be put into place by TfL, although this will be at the expense of rising paper travelcard costs and an increase in bus fares.

Those currently commuting Monday to Friday have been able to take advantage of discounts when using Oyster or contactless payments but in the new shake-up these will now also be available to those who travel less. This will be saving commuters the equivalent of one fifth of a weekly travel card to zone one, and could lead to savings of £270 each year if travelling three times a week.

Part time students to save hundreds of pounds

Passengers commuting on the London Underground or buses will now pay no more than £6.40 a day when travelling in zones one and two, making a saving of £2 each day. Also, those travelling in zones one to five, can save up to £4.90 a day, with a reduced £10.90 daily cap. This provides a staggering £661 saving when commuting three days a week over a year long period, which would free up a hefty lump of student loan for those studying courses at GSM London.

The announcement comes not long after the government’s promise to introduce a trial for reduced fares on national rail services to London, which has yet to be put into place.


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