June 26, 2019

New grading system to be piloted by universities

A new scheme has been announced by the Higher Education Academy group that could see the way in which university students are graded change to a 13 level classification.

The traditional class honours system is to stay in place for most universities in England, but the HEA is set to choose between 20 and 25 universities in which to pilot this new grading method between November 2013 and July 2014. The change is set to distinguish students with the same class of honours with levels of classification ranging from A+ to F, running alongside the traditional class system.

The scheme could see employers differentiate between students who have achieved a second-class honours events management degree, for example, with a B+, B or B- grade; plans have been developed for the new grading system to replace the class model entirely should it prove successful.

The system is already established in the US under the grade point average model and would allow, according to this article, UK degree results to be comparable on an international level.

Image Credit: James Almond (flickr.com)

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