July 21, 2019

Ineos boss Jim Ratcliffe on energy prices and mix

Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of the fourth largest global chemicals corporation, has recently entered the energy debate. He spoke about green taxes, nuclear power and Government intervention.

The Intensive Energy Users are key stakeholders in the debate about the future energy mix for the UK. These are very large manufacturers that require significant energy in their processes. For example, steel and glass manufacturers.

We have saved a recording of Jim Ratcliffe talking to the BBC’s Robert Peston where he covers a range of topics including the cost of nuclear power and the impact of green taxation. Click here to download and listen.

This video also covers a snippet.


Oil & Gas Management students need to understand wider issues relating to energy, not just oil and gas. Every country has an energy mix, often pulling on renewable (wind, solar) as well as fossil fuels to support it.

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