February 18, 2019

Apps students NEED to have

Apps students NEED to haveMobile apps for Android and iPhone smartphones have been gradually taking over the way we live our lives for the past few years, with new and exciting technologies and developments occurring daily. From downloads that influence our daily lives, making tasks easier and quicker, to apps that you could never even have thought of, there is a reason the saying ‘there’s an app for that’ has taken off.

With so many apps now out on the market it can be difficult to find the ones that are useful to you, which is why we have created the ultimate list of apps students NEED to have. From those that get you up in the morning to apps developed for students, by students, you might be surprised just how much easier getting to that part time HR degree lecture could be with the help of these handy apps.


Struggle with getting up in the morning? Don’t we all. At no time is it more tempting to hit the snooze button on your alarm than at 8am before a lecture, but luckily, or not so luckily for your hopes of finishing that dream of winning lottery, the great people at Delight Room have created the ultimate app for you. Gone are the days of sleeping through your alarm or ‘accidently’ hitting the snooze button as the Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) app makes you take a picture of a certain object – like your bathroom sink not your feet, before you try getting clever – in order to turn the alarm off, forcing you out of bed.

Circle of 6

While most people think of a relatively safe and fun environment when they think of university or their computer science undergraduate course class, sadly that is not always the case. Whether you live in a slightly dodgy area of the city or have got lost from your friends after a night out, it pays to be safe. The Circle of 6 app is a great free mobile app available for download from the App Store and Google Play that aims to prevent violence before it happens. By making it quick and easy to reach six friends, letting them know where you are and how they can help you, is one sure-fire way to feel more secure when out and about.




Everyone is sympathetic when you hear of someone losing their dissertation or an essay thanks to an unwelcome computer restart or a stolen laptop, but the friendly folks at Dropbox have come to every third year’s aid with their brilliant file hosting service. With a web app that can store your files and make them accessible on any computer, tablet or phone, never again will you have to start an essay from scratch. Fed up of emailing yourself files or essays to complete at university? Trust us, downloading Dropbox will save you student nightmares for some time to come.



Similarly, WeTransfer is another great way to share files, big or small. Particularly useful for students who carry out a lot of image-heavy work, it allows its users of WeTransfer downloads to share large image files instantly. No longer will you struggle with lost email attachments as this great app makes the whole process simple, allowing its users to access full quality and full size images whenever, wherever.


Struggling with studying? Apps can help here too! ExamTime is a great free e-learning platform that helps students revise and prepare for their exams without the stress that comes from spilling that can of Red Bull over your notes. With a whole host of learning tools readily available through the app, including mind mapsflashcards and quizzes, it can be tailored to any learning style, making revision easier and more effective. They even have a Revision Timetable Tool to help you manage revision alongside other studies, or socials.

examtime owl
Examtime Owl

Coming soon….

My Campus Ride

The final app in the list doesn’t come from some high-flying company, but rather a group of recent graduates. The My Campus Ride app was actually trialled in 2013 and was met with great success. Now, as a result, the full version of the app is due to be rolled out in September later this year for iOS after a great response on Android. This great app works by connecting students who wish to rideshare and carpool to lectures, as well as providing local information to individual students on events and discounts making for the ultimate student app!

my campus ride
my campus ride
My campus ride app
My campus ride app


“My Campus Ride is an app created by students, for students. We have very strong links with student unions and societies, giving us a unique work atmosphere and perspective on our product. Our primary focus is improving the overall student life experience, while having a positive environmental impact at the same time. The app is there to help find something to do, find a cheap way to get there, and to save money.”

Bilal Ahmed, My Campus Ride.


These are just a few of the great apps for students available on the market, share your favourites via the GSM London Facebook and Twitter pages.


Image Credits: Jason Howie (flickr.com) Alarmy, Tech 4 Good, Dropbox, We Transfer, ExamTime, Campus Ride Ltd.


This content was written by Rachel Smith. Please feel free to visit my Google+ Profile to read more stories.


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