May 23, 2019

What to expect on induction day at GSM London

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New to GSM London? Read on below to find out what happened on the first induction day at university from one of our current students.

What happens at induction day?

GSM London gave a warm welcome to students starting their degree this summer during their induction day. It was a day to help make the transition into higher education a less daunting experience. It gave students an insight into what it’s really like to study at GSM London.

A great occasion to learn all there is to know about GSM London and their courses. Students were able to meet staff and supervisors from all departments. The day was planned with both students and staff in mind, giving everyone a chance to prepare for the coming academic year and find out how GSM London supports their students.

This year’s induction day started with a colourful presentation from the Student Charter. They got the busy room of students to share what their ideal study environment would look like. Students were split into groups and delivered short presentations covering topics from ‘respect towards each other in class’, to ‘communication’ and ‘organisation’.

Personal Tutoring

We watched Pauline Campbell, a Personal Tutor at GSM London, explain the importance of attendance while studying a degree. Full of energy she told her story about starting a degree at GSM London, and how she got into teaching.

GSM London is proud to be able to support their students through one to one tutoring and believe it’s a crucial service when taking a degree, to help with academic and personal development. Every course here gives students the chance to attend personal tutoring sessions in order to achieve the best results.

Money Matters

Starting higher education can raise concerns about money for most students. During Induction Day there was plenty of information provided on student finance, loans and grants students could get while studying at GSM London. The finance team were on hand and took students through the process of applying, payments and advice on all other funds they could be entitled to.

Settling Into Class

Individual course introductions with tutors took place during the afternoon to let students settle into their classrooms, take part in interactive activities and introduce themselves to everyone they would be studying with. It was a fun and relaxed afternoon spent with everyone meeting course leaders and going over topics that will be taught. It was thrilling to meet and hear stories of why people had chosen to take a degree, and their career goals upon completion.


Welcome Fair

Lunch was on GSM London while students wandered through the welcome fair. The fair showcased all the services available at GSM London including wellbeing support, the student union, careers advice and all other professional services.

It’s was a chance to find out more about the roles of personal tutoring, business advice, and student ambassadors. The student ambassadors were around throughout the day in bright red t-shirts to support lecture presentations and guide students through the buildings.

Student Life

We met members of the Student Union who play a big role in helping students settle into life at GSM London. They were giving out information about all the student discounts available, and how to apply for a NUS card. The library team took us through all the resources and tools students can access during their study. It was a busy fair with lots of useful information for everyone.

Academic Integrity

As GSM London takes academic integrity very seriously, induction day was a good time to show students how they can be aware of it. When joining the academic community at GSM London it’s important for everyone to respect the guidelines around academic integrity, in order to give everyone a fair and honest study environment.


As the induction day came to an end, we understood what GSM London expects from their students, and what students can expect from GSM London.

All induction day’s at GSM London are significant for both staff and students to see what their course requirements are, meet and network with people across all departments, and discover all the services available at GSM London.

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