March 25, 2019

Events Mangement Students Aiding Saint John’s Ambulance

Event students at GSM London group photo

Events Management Students at GSM London collaborating with Saint John’s Ambulance by Fotios Vasileiou – Programme Leader, Events Management.

Saint John’s Ambulance (SJA) has an incredible history that goes back in centuries. The humanistic and paramount mission of Saint John’s Ambulance is very important and unquestionable in helping people and saving lives in UK and across the globe.

The Events students of GSM London were very lucky having the opportunity to build a unique relationship with this organisation. The inner motivation was the students respect to SJA mission and the student’s love to contribute practically to the wider community.

On 28 April I met Events Management staff of Saint John’s Ambulance (at their Headquarters, nearby Baker Street).

Events Management Students visit Saint John's Ambulance HQ
Saint John’s Ambulance headquarters visit

The target was to build up together an amazing opportunity for the students on Events Management degree at GSM London. Our innovative effort was a milestone both for SJA and for Events Management students. Both of the SJA Events managers were extremely kind, really helpful, and open minded; our discussion reached a very successful point from the first minutes.

During the next three meetings we all tried to design and plan the framework inside which Events Management students at GSM London could effectively contribute in fundraising events for Saint Johns Ambulance. On 6 May and 4 August we met at our Greenford Campus, and on 7 July we had a very successful meeting (including 3 students leading consultants from both campuses) in SJA’s headquarters at Baker Street. The students were excited because their ideas were accepted at first stage with very positive comments.

The 13th May was a remarkable moment when 5 Student Leading Consultants visited Saint John’s Order Museum at St John’s Gate, to engage with the mission and the history of the organisation. The students were so happy and emotionally driven to do their best since that day. Later was delivered a specific training-seminar to deliver to students exactly the whole idea and details of the work in SJA. Those two days helped the Voluntary Team a lot to be more relevant with the general spirit when designing the proposed fundraising events.

Today, the relationship between the student consultants and SJA is more solid and full of promises. The students feel part of Saint John Ambulance’s efforts.

For more information, call 020 8003 1154 or get in touch with our Course Advisors via our contact form.

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