July 23, 2019

Sandra: Industry Insights and Hands on Experience

GSM London student Sandra Okoye-Adelaja, shares her experience from a recent trip to two Logistics Hubs in Northern Italy and how the industry insights she gained has shaped her future career plans.GSM London Students get industry insights

‘I decided to go on the trip in order to see an actual logistics operation being carried out, this would then enable me to marry my practical exposure to what I have been taught in class and in turn actualise my vision of what and how I pursue my career after graduation.

My key learning points from the trip were: one-to-one hands on experience of an actual company; speaking to potential employers and gaining an insight of what is needed to go into the industry as well as being able to see the hands on operation from start of delivery of goods to shipping.

This trip has enabled me to put a clearer picture of how if any logistics and operation would fit into my future career.I found it interesting how Su Dev Projects SA had built up their operations from putting in a tender for the contract, were they did not even have staff to where they are now and how all their staff were trained to be multi skilled and are able to handle any task in the organisation when needed.

GSM London student getting to know the logistics in operation

All in all the trip was not only successful but an eye opener for me.’

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