June 26, 2019

Prince: Dependence on Logistics Companies

Prince Okorogu, Oil and Gas Management student, shares his reflection from the recent trip to logistics companies in Northern Italy, and how it helped him consolidate the theory learnt on his degree.

GSM London student visits Logistics Companies‘The trip was a huge opportunity for me to consolidate what I have learnt theoretically in logistics on my degree. I drew inspiration from Jon Bushby and learnt that:

– Success in business can come from a synergy of courage, common sense, valuable exposure and constructive thinking.

– New entrants in this sector (energy sector) can be quite challenging but a business model that understands the clients needs which are not met by the existing products and services (or improving on them) can be an advantage for a quick breakthrough for new entrants.

After visiting Arcese I also gained insights into:

– Their business models reflecting their business environments and changes are revolutionary. This is inspired Arcese to be asset based instead of leasing.

– The process design in practice, warehouse layout, supply chain management.

Now I understand the practical importance of five performance objectives and how they shape operation process and guarantee competitive advantage. The Sudev Projects SA/SCMHUB business model of providing quality control, cost saving and flexibility which incorporates shipping choices of LTL or FTL guarantee clients JIT philosophy, speed and business dependability. JIT philosophy which we learnt mostly about the auto industry was seen in the Arcese logistics operation and the transferability of this across other industries.

GSM London Logistics Trip


Most interesting topic discussed was Jon’s briefing of the Oil industry and the dependence on logistics companies for progress.

In all, I’ve taken strength and inspiration from this tour which surely has impacted on my resolve and aspiration. I feel empowered in my learning approach for my remaining modules and career prospects. I hope that GSM London management will continue to support the students by arranging more of such tours.’

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