June 26, 2019

Opportunities Week is here!

Ever wondered what sets candidates apart in job selection processes? Is it all about which Oxford college you went to or which connections you’ve got? Whilst no doubt some employers do have a preference for candidates from specific colleges or backgrounds, most don’t. But those that don’t all have something in common – they’re interested in your ability to do the job.

And with so much competiton out there, how do you shine?

Employers will look at your degree but they’ll also look at what else you have been doing, what additional skills you may have. Your time at GSM London shouldn’t just be about gaining your degree, but also developing yourself in as broad a way as possible. Employers get excited by interesting skills, expertise or aptitude.

And that’s what Opportunities Week is all about. It’s a week to help you develop new skills, build your network and explore ideas.

Interested in working for yourself?

Even if you don’t end up working for yourself, the skills and mental attitude of entrepreneurs are really desireable in any workplace. We have sessions let by Natwest Business Banking, and the Institute of Enterprise & Entrepreneurs, all designed to explore entrepreneurship.

Considering Legal Careers?

We have a couple of events about careers in the legal professions, even if you aren’t a law student.

Are you a confident Public Speaker?

Toastmasters International is a global network of public speaking clubs. These are great ways of developing your public speaking technique and building useful professional contacts. But above all, they’re fun! Everyone has a go and you build your confidence each week. Our event “Public Speaking Made Simple” explores some great ways of communicating through public speaking.

Volunteer with the Roy Castle Foundation

Roy Castle was a highly talented singer, dancer and commedian who died from Lung Cancer. The Foundation in his name, has pioneered education around the health risks of passive smoking, financing research and providing support to sufferers. There are so many ways of getting involved – from events management, finance, management, fundraising, IT – all of which look great on your CV too.

Going for it!

We’ve teamed up with Pure Gym in Greenwich to raise money for the Roy Castle Foundation through a series of bouts on a rowing machine. Do you have what it takes? Find out on Friday!

Find details and register for these events on the Student Portal.

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