July 22, 2019

Next Week is Digital World Week


Digital World Week will run from Monday 16th February to Friday 20th February at GSM.

The sheer scope of the digital world presented us with some challenges however we hope the final offering that the team has put together will amaze, inspire and create positive action! Digital World Week will you bring a panel event, networking opportunities, inspiring talks, mock interviews, external visits, guest blogs and internship opportunities to students at both Greenford and Greenwich campuses. We hope you enjoy Digital World Week and look forward to receiving your feedback. Please visit the student portal to book your places!

One of the key themes running through all the events of Digital World Week is change. Digital technology is always changing and it has had an enormous influence on the recruitment process in the last ten years. I’ve looked at 3 digital areas that have been getting quite a lot of coverage over the last few years- portfolio CVs, recruitment management software and video CVs. Interestingly despite the digital revolution going on the fundamentals of a good CV remain the same- but for how long, I wonder?

Portfolio CVs
Portfolio CV is a wonderful idea for candidates who cannot simply describe their skills and achievements in a traditional written format. For example, if you are an art professional, you may provide potential employers with an electronic file, including a written CV (still very important, by the way) and examples of your recent work. This may be in the form of your own website (a great way to sell your web designing skills), a CD or DVD sent or handed to the recruiter, an emailed PDF or slideshow or even a display book of printouts. If using a Portfolio CV, remember to include a copy of your written CV as well.

Recruitment Management Software
Potential future employers, because of the large volumes of applicants, are likely to use some form of Recruitment Management Software. You may have already come across the software in your applications- you enter your own details into the system via a website, fill in an application form and then upload your CV. This can mean that any formatting in your CV is lost, such as tables, columns and certain types of bullet points. As with everything in the digital world change happens out-of-the-blue rather than gradually and as this software becomes more sophisticated, expect that one day, it will be linked directly with tests. Please read more about this here.

Video CV
The development of readily-available webcams has to lead to sites that connect employers and employees together via short videos recorded by candidates. A written CV is still needed though, as this new technology appears to be a replacement more for the early stage telephone interview than for a written application. Look at a few Video CVs on websites for yourself and draw your own opinion on whether it will catch on. I’ll post a few websites on Twitter for you during Digital World Week. See you at some point during 16th- 20th February!




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