June 19, 2019

Two minutes with Jonathan Nimmo – UCAS Applicant Day

On Wednesday 26 March, GSM London’s Greenford Campus played host to our UCAS Applicant Day. The day was a great success, with students from all over the country attending to have their questions answered and to take  a look round the state-of-the-art Greenford campus. Here, Jonathan Nimmo, Admissions Manager, reflects on the day. His team were on hand throughout the event to answer any questions from potential students.

Has today’s open day been helpful?

It’s been a fantastic day. A lot of potential students, from across the country, have come along. Importantly, they’ve had a chance to talk to each other and mingle as a group. The students come from quite different backgrounds and have taken different routes to get here – this has been an opportunity for them to interact, to share those experiences and that of applying to GSM London.

Our open days provide a more individual and intimate experience than other institutions – does that make a difference?

Yes. I’ve been involved in open days at other institutions and there have been hundreds, even thousands of people attending. When the group is smaller and can fit into one classroom, it’s a better environment. You can get far more of a rapport going than with a bigger group.

What questions have potential students – and their families – asked?

Many attendees have asked about the difference between the Greenford and the Greenwich campus. Potential students, who have applied to Greenwich, would now like to come to Greenford and visa versa. The courses taught at each campus are identical, but the campuses themselves are quite different. Greenford is a new, modern building that has recently been refurbished, while Greenwich is more like a traditional university building. We are happy for students to switch campuses and they can do that at any point.

Were there any student concerns?

Potential students are mainly concerned about what options are open to them and the process of confirming their choice of institution. This varies between each applicant of course, so it’s good that we’re on hand to be able to discuss the options and give advice. Students often have more control during the application process than they realise.

GSM London UCAS applicant day
Rob Clarke, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Science, Law and Technology with one of our applicants

To have your questions answered and meet the team, sign up for one of our upcoming open events.

Potential students and their families left feeling positive, and we hope to see them back at GSM London in October.

‘The campus was very nice inside and the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. It was interesting to hear what the staff had to say. It was a rewarding afternoon’ Julie and Chris Orris (parents of potential student)

‘Unique, fabulous’ – Abbas (potential student)

‘The teachers have been really helpful’. – Megan Norris (potential student)

‘I’m here with my granddaughter. The open day was very informative and all the information was explained clearly. I’m 66 and have not been in education, but I understood everything that was being said to me. The presenting was clear and I could see the screen’.  (Grandmother of potential student)

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