June 26, 2019

Mahdi: Getting to Know the Supply Chain

GSM London Oil and Gas Management student Mahdi Ali reflects on visiting supply chain hubs in Italy, and the learnings he has taken into the logistics and operations management module he is currently studying.

GSM Londonn Student getting to know the supply chain

‘The reason I joined this trip was to see how logistics and the supplier chain works in the real world and how I can utilise what I have learnt from GSM London in a practical way.

The key learnings I personally took from the trip were:

A) Don’t limit my options in terms of employability

B) To be open minded and flexible in terms of work place

C) Expand my networking and interact with people who have different backgrounds and keep in touch with them

D) The importance of using common sense

The most interesting topic was the three key areas that has changed the career of Jon Bushby, which came out in his Q & A session >

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