April 22, 2019

GSM London IT Workshops

Great news! We’re currently in the process of developing a number of IT workshops aimed at supporting and developing our students’ skills, knowledge and experiences with IT. This will be a way of providing an additional avenue of support for you. Our aim is to target students with specific learning needs.

Am I Eligible?

It is quite simple really. To find out whether you are eligible to part-take in these workshops and gain extra support, ask yourself:

  • Are you comfortable with logging on to a PC and using a keyboard/mouse?
  • Are you comfortable browsing and searching the internet – do you know what the “address bar” is?
  • Are you able to save documents to different locations and find them later?
  • Are you able to save word documents in PDF format?
  • Do you need support in the use of any of the below:
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft PowerPoint


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