June 16, 2019

GSM London Induction Week

This New Year marks new beginnings at GSM London. We are proud to welcome our 2016 arrivals this induction week. For some this may seem quite a daunting experience but rest assured we are here to support you through your time with us and to help you reach your full potential. The journey you are starting will mark an important stage of your academic career. In order to ensure our students’ transition into higher education is as smooth as possible, we have put together a handy list of expectations to be met by both students and GSM London.

What to expect from us?

There are common misconceptions that in higher education students are thrown in at the deep end, left with little help to get them out. At GSM London we provide academic and pastoral support and an intimate and friendly atmosphere. The learning and teaching environment at both our Greenford and Greenwich campuses promote good academic discipline, encouraging students at all levels to strive for success. Don’t just take our word for it; a personal account of the first day of student ambassador, Khalid Al Soufah:

Khalid Al Soufah
Khalid Al Soufah

‘… I came to find that all my fears about university were in fact untruthful. The supportive staff and lecturers made sure that all went well for me during the induction week, and were welcoming not only to me but all the other students. We all felt right at home.’

What do we expect from you?

It’s quite simple really. Here at GSM London we offer much support to our students as we are dedicated to helping you reach your full potential. However, there are some expectations that must be met by you. These include:

  • keeping up with all required reading
  • completing all written work
  • completing additional studies outside of class
  • meeting all deadlines
  • Attending all classes on time (Don’t disrupt your classmates!)
  • managing your time and resources effectively
  • taking responsibility for your own professional development

Following these simple rules will enable you to perform at your best, and increase the likelihood of attaining successful grades in your time with us.

Higher education is an important part of your academic life but remember being at university is not all about studying. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes for a dull student experience. Here are some additional tips to help make your transition into your first semester easier.

Top Tips:

  • Find out where your classes are beforehand
  • Network with other students on your course
  • Get to know the resources on offer
  • Get to know when you can see your lecturers
  • Find out where to get support
  • Have a look at different schemes available to make student experience more worthwhile
  • Get comfortable with GSM London surroundings
  • Remember everyone is in the same position as you so just enjoy yourself

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