June 26, 2019

GSM Entrepreneurship week – Feel the Buzz!

Next week March 16-20th is the long awaited Entrepreneurship Week at GSM London. Whether you have just started as a Foundation student or whether you are in your last semester, this is a week which has something for you.

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Events are arranged at both Greenwich and Greenford and online too. Here are just a few examples:


Monday March 16th (1300 – 1400 in Pond) Stop bossing me around: Join the next generation of Entrepreneurs. Session led by NACUE the leading organisation in the UK in engaging students with enterprise.

Tuesday March 17th (1300 – 1400 in Spencer) Networking: Not Working – So you find the right opportunity now learn how to take it to the next level. Join Jessica Hughes & Gosbert Chagula from BACKR for this networking masterclass.

Wednesday March 18th (1400-1600 in Woolley) The GSM Entrepreneur Network – The new Entrepreneurship Network (EN) launched by Dr Cullen is the perfect opportunity to join like minded individuals in the wider GSM community.


Monday March 16th (11.00 1300 & 1500 in 38A across bridge) Entrepreneurs – Learn how to make your ideas a reality with 7billionideas! GSM welcomes David Harkin founder of worldwide ideas platform 7billionideas. There are three (repeated) sessions to choose from.

Tuesday March 17th (all day in 38A across bridge) GSM Entrepreneurship Start up Workshop. – Led by Senior GSM Strategy and Enterprise Lecturer Paul Moran, this is an exciting and practical workshop full of advice and tips from both experienced business owners and those just starting out.

Entrepreneur in Residence – On selected day’s entrepreneurs from both local and national businesses will be located in the Greenford restaurant area to offer advice and clinics.

Daily Blogs – Read our regular and guest bloggers by registering to receive directly to your email address. Blog site gsmlondoncareers.net

Make sure you participate by registering for any of the above events on the Student Portal

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