March 25, 2019

Former Oil and Gas students coming back on campus

Welcome to day 2 of our Energy Futures Week blogs.  We welcome Ann-Marie Laffey, Senior Lecturer at GSM London and currently leading on engagement with Oil & Gas alumni.

In 2010 I joined GSM to become part of the MSc Oil and Gas Management Programme team.  Since then, I have taught many of you on the BSc programme too. As part of my previous career, prior to GSM, I worked in a supporting HR role in the oil and gas sector.  This role was varied, interesting and in many ways rewarding.

Life is a combination of what you know and who you know…. The what you know, well that’s straightforward isn’t it? Read a lot, study hard, gain a good degree, keep up to date and always remember to stay curious about life.  What about the who you know? How do you get to know someone working in oil and gas?  If you are lucky you may have a family member already in the sector.  If not, it can seem like a daunting task to make contacts in such a complex sector operating on a global scale. Where do you start? These days is it through social media?  But hold on a minute….what degree programme are you on again? …Oil and Gas Management. Well then, you already belong to a group of people either in the energy or related sectors or people aspiring to be in the sector. The minute you start your degree programme you become part of a network, a community of like-minded people. After you graduate you then fully become a part of the GSM Oil and Gas Management Alumni.

On Wednesday 4th March there will be ‘Thinking Beyond GSM, Alumni Panel’ 5-7pm at Greenwich as part of Energy Futures Week.  This is an event to share stories and experiences of GSM’s Oil and Gas Management alumni (BSc and MSc graduates), with you, our current students.

Ann-Marie Laffey
Ann-Marie Laffey

Over the past seven months I have been contacting UK and International GSM Oil and Gas Alumni to add their profiles to the Graduate Talent Pipeline newsletters, which you have all been receiving.  As a lecturer it is always rewarding to know what graduates do next, what Masters programme they are on, what company they are working for or even if they’ve set up their own firm. One of the most recent contacts I made was with Said, an MSc graduate who I taught in my first semester at GSM. He is now back in Oman working in the oil and gas sector.  If you want to read more about Said, he is going to be featured in our Graduate Talent Pipeline alumni profile in the newsletter.

Nothing speaks or teaches like experience –Think about all those job hunting questions you have been thinking about but didn’t know who to ask. This is an opportunity for you to come to listen and talk to our oil and gas alumni about their experiences of recruitment and opportunities – job hunting, different types of interviews, Masters Programmes, their jobs in the sector and the current issues facing the sector regarding recruitment. So then, what tips and advice would you ask them?

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