February 22, 2019

The ex‘tents’ive festival guide for students

September on the Isle of Wight only ever means one thing- Josie and Rob da Bank’s Bestival is back

Is there a more student-friendly occasion than that of a festival? We doubt it. Luckily in Britain we are privy to some of the world’s very best festivals, which welcome a wide demographic – from families and groups to our dear friends the students there is something for all.

This guide looks to offer an ex‘tents’sive resource for students to utilise when picking which festivals they will be putting their BSc computer science course revision on pause for to attend during the upcoming festival calendar.

T in the Park

Scotland’s T in the Park may be a tad out of the way for the typical London undergraduate, but for students of event management university courses, at the very least, it is definitely worth the trip. Taking place in early July each year, 2014 welcomed the likes of Biffy Clyro, Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris and Artic Monkeys, to name just a few, and their incredible range of attractions means that you could have hours of fun without having seen a single act.

You’ll also be digging out the fancy dress trunk as Fancy Dress Friday sees some great effort in and amongst the typical festival dress, with a new theme each year. With such an electric atmosphere created by the incredible attractions and acts that take to the festival’s six stages, it’s a great one to start with.

T In The Park 2013


You might be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of Glastonbury festival, and for good reason. The Daddy of the British festival scene, Glastonbury welcomes festival-goers young and old into its midst in the last weekend of June every year – barring fallow years of course!

Set in the heart of Glastonbury itself at the now famed Worthy Farm, festival founder Michael Eavis champions the free spirit that the festival itself portrays.

For the student population it is one that everyone must attend at least once, but for those who can’t quite save up the entry fee there is always a way. As mentioned in a previous GSM London article, students can find another way into the festival through work, which is not as painful as it may sound. There are also some great organisations, such as Oxfam, who offer tickets through stewarding, so you can experience the festival while doing some rewarding – and CV-enhancing! – work.


Another major player is that of the Isle of Wight’s Bestival. Known for welcoming incredible acts every year on such a small island, it doesn’t get much better. It is a great one to sneak in before the start of term as it takes place in early September each year.


Curated by Josie and Rob Da Bank, Bestival is as kooky as it is cool, and with a different theme every year it is another one to rummage through the fancy dress box for. With student tickets also available it is an affordable option too, with 2014 Student Tickets with entry from Thursday 4th September available for £180 (For full-time students only. Valid NUS or ISIC ID required at the box office. No other student ID accepted)

PS: the 2014 theme is ‘Desert Island Disco’, make of that what you will…


Kew the Music

A London favourite, Kew Garden’s aptly named Kew the Music is a real must for any festival novice as it is one way to better avoid the mud and muck that many a festival is known for. Taking place in the stunning Kew Gardens itself, it also has a great line up so City students can enjoy the best of both.

Larmer Tree Festival

This great five-day long festival in the gorgeous setting of the Larmer Tree Gardens on the Wiltshire/ Dorset border is a great festival for students and families to get their wellies stuck into each July. Over 20 years in the making, the Larmer Tree Festival consists of a cracking line up, great drink and food stalls and so much more – as a top arts and music festival it is one of the lesser known gems of the festival scene.

2014 sees the likes of two of the top ‘Tom’s’ in the business, with Sir Tom Jones and Tom Odell both headlining, and Larmer Tree Festival has even secured the ‘Best Toilets’ award by festival-goers in the UK Festivals Awards. Do you need any more reasons to attend?!

Larmer Tree Festival


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Image Credits: T in the Park, Bestival, Larmer Tree Festival


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