June 26, 2019

We believe in Entrepreneurship and Innovation – GSM London host of #SEC2U

On Wednesday 19th of October GSM London will run an event that focuses on startup enterprises in West London as part of StartUp Europe Comes to Universities (SEC2U), an initiative of StartUp Europe University Network (SEUN).

The SEC2U is an initiative, endorsed by the European Commission, having its first edition in 2016. It is aiming at creating a series of events all over Europe in the week from 17th to 21th of October 2016.


The main objective of the SEC2U events is to showcase the commitment of European universities to create a strong culture of entrepreneurship and innovation that is spreading in the university communities.The event will be hosted Greenford on the left wing of the campus  and is supported by GSM London Careers and Employability, GSM London Formation Zone, West London Business, Ealing Business Forum, Hounslow Chamber of Commerce, and London Business Support Service.


The SEC2U initiative will have a strong impact both locally and across Europe, therefore as host of this event, GSM London has an incredible opportunity of rising in West London. The event is for externals only, made exception of a few students entrepreneurs. Currently the guest list counts 40 guests who have RSVP’d to attend. We will have 3 groups of visitors coming (Entrepreneurs, Facilitators and Advisors) who will be involved in the discussions; among the attendants there will be many high profile experts in their field.

The major theme of the event is:

Re-thinking the startup: integrating multiple perspectives from the ground up

The event will consider the varying perspectives of those who are starting businesses, those who are directly involved in providing support and services to startups, and those who are attempting to create an environment conducive to startups and SME development within a particular local context.

There will be involvement from entrepreneurs and start-ups, private and public service providers and support agencies, business associations and representative organisations, local authorities, and institutions of further and higher education.

The event will run from 2pm to 5pm on Wednesday 19 October and will include:

-Insights from startup entrepreneurs including University ‘spin-outs’

-Perspectives of those involved in local enterprise creation and development

-Discussion of responses required to emerging startup needs and priorities

-Development of an ‘action plan’ for enhancing conditions and opportunities for startups

-Opportunity for networking and building B2B connections.

The event will  also be live-streamed on the day, and live updates will be posted on Twitter and Facebook on the day. Make sure to follow us @GSMLondon on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

To find our more you can visit STARTUP EUROPE which features a section dedicated the the GSM London event.

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