July 22, 2019


Today as part of Entrepreneurship week we are pleased to highlight the work of the GSM Entrepreneurship network.

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An idea without action is like a bow without an arrow” Dr Martin Luther King

Entrepreneurship Network (EN) aims to increase the opportunities for entrepreneurship on our campuses and enhance the entrepreneurial culture within GSM by giving all students the chance both to explore entrepreneurial ideas and to develop practical entrepreneurial skills.

EN is a student-led organisation which will have been handed over to our students as soon as we have completed the set up process. EN will be open to all students at GSM as long as they:

  • Are resident in London,
  • Have nationality of a country within the EU (or with visa permissions to set up a business in the UK),
  • Are interested in setting up a business in the UK, which is not already trading.

This organisation will give students, who are interested in starting their own businesses, the chance to access events designed to give them the knowledge to become self-employed. EN offers encouragement, guidance and practical support to students who show entrepreneurial ideas and commitment, providing them with the opportunity to explore the possibility of turning these ideas into real profit-making enterprises. It’s a great opportunity for students with entrepreneurial aspirations to get involved in.

We are cooperating with different organisations and people in order to enrich our resources to benefit GSM students. I am glad to reveal that we have established a strong network already. We have a strong teaching team, successful business people, social entrepreneurship-related organisations, start-up loan providers, government agencies, student-led organisations, universities, government agencies within our network. We are extending the network day by day.

The Careers Centre Team, special thanks to Paul Cannons, is one of our biggest supporters. They have opened their sources for us and have organized some events for us already. The Careers Team will promote our activities on The Business Management Newsletter too.

Lastly, I highly appreciate my colleagues’ support so far. EN will grow firmly with our support.

DR Ufi Dr Ufi Cullen

Senior Lecturer

Strategy and Enterprise Department

For further details register on Student Portal and come along to Entrepreneurial Event on Wednesday 18th March (GW) during Entrepreneurial week 16th – 20th March 2015

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