April 22, 2019

Co-create the future of storytelling

a lecturer teaching his students

In an age of Brexit and Trump, bridging divided communities might seem like a far-fetched dream. But at Historypin, we believe it’s possible and we’re doing something about it.

We started pondering this question six months ago: how might we show people that there’s much more we have in common than divides us?

And since then, we’ve been trying to answer this question by working through a human-centred innovation process of:


  1. discovery – who are we designing for and what do they need,
  2. concept generation – what idea can meet that need, and
  3. rapid design prototyping – how can we make that idea better and better.


One thing stood out during discovery and concept generation that drove our winning concept, and it’s something that Dave Isay of Storycorps puts nicely; “It’s impossible not to love someone whose stories you’ve heard”.

The notion that connecting with new people through sharing personal, meaningful stories is a force for building understanding, empathy and respect for one another. Which brings us to the idea that we’re now rapidly prototyping – getting a bunch of people together for a one-off, 60 minute, eye-opening event where we hear and tell stories that join the dots of what we have in common.

We’re half way through a series of 12+ experience prototyping events across the UK and USA and we’re inviting people to actively co-create these storytelling events with us. Come along and experience this event first hand and help us make it better.


When: Monday 10th April, 1:00 – 2:30pm

Where: GSM

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