February 22, 2019

Banking Accountancy and Finance Week 20 – 24 October 2014

Banking Accountancy and Finance Week 20 – 24 October 2014

Ever wondered where your degree could take you in the financial world? With over 4, 360 finance graduates employed in 2013 where do they all work? What sectors are they working in? Who can help you unpick the options available in the financial sector? What skills and competencies do you need to succeed in this graduate financial sector?

But with so much competition out there, how do you shine?

Employers will look at your degree but they’ll also look at what else you have been doing, what additional initiatives you have taken like joining a professional body, developing your commercial awareness, and demonstrating leadership skills. It is no longer about gaining a good degree at GSM but also developing yourself in as broad a way as possible. Employers seek those graduates with a range of interesting skills, expertise or aptitude.

And that’s what the Banking Accountancy and Finance week aims to equip you with by providing links to employers and professional bodies to develop new skills, build your professional network, confidence and explore new career options in the UK graduate market.

Have you considered Joining a professional body?

Joining a professional will enhance your cv, open up a range of employer vacancies and networking opportunities. As a student member of a professional body employers will view your application as someone who knows where they are going and in which sector they wish to work. So come and listen to the Panel event led by CIMA, CIPFA, ICAEW. There is also a chance to sign up for your free copy of PQ Magazine.

Instructus Markets

What about a career in the financial sector?

Graduates from any degree can work in the financial sector. The Getting ahead in the financial World  and Careers Planning in the financial World events will host the Chartered Insurance Institute who will outline the opportunities in wealth management together with Fitch Learning , demonstrating how a financial qualification can lead to a career in the City. First Intuition and Kaplan will talk you through how you can gain your professional qualifications with tailored support. A former GSM student will also present on his experiences working in financial sales. InfuseIT will unlock the dilemma of gaining experience in the world of finance. Plus there is an Instructus Markets event that will take you behind the Investment Banking and Trading sector.

Are you commercially aware?

The CIMA business challenge game is an excellent way to develop those commercial skills employers are looking for among graduates. Get equipped and differentiate yourself from the competition and be able to answer with confidence those ‘killer’ questions sometime encountered during an interview.

Do you have the leadership skills to succeed in business?

Lead now
Lead now

Employers want people who can lead people and projects. That is what you will get in 90 action packed minutes. You will emerge more confident by attending the Lead Now seminar and understand what tomorrow’s leaders will look like.

So sign up for these events on the student portal together with two lunch time seminars on Impressive CVs and an evening seminar on LinkedIn for professionals.

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