June 16, 2019

All aboard for an eventful week!

All aboard for an eventful week

The Tourism and Events week has been organised by the GSM Careers Department in collaboration with the Tourism, Events and Marketing academic department to whet our students’ appetite for the many opportunities which await them.  The UK Tourism and Events industries have experienced growth while the economy as a whole has struggled because of the economic crisis of recent years.  What better way to deal with the crisis than attending any of the varieties of events on offer across the UK or taking a holiday and enjoying the tourist attractions available!  As the popular saying goes ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’ and Jill a dull girl too!  The growth in our industries indicates that there are employment opportunities for students to explore during and/or after completion of their degrees.  This week’s activities aim to showcase some of these.

The activities planned across the two campuses will definitely interest the students of the Tourism and Events programmes.  Students of other programmes are more than welcome to join us to get a taste of what is on offer.  However, there is a risk that you may want switch to our industry when you see what it has to offer as the week of activities is set to be informative and fun.

Interested in Marketing and Sales?

Listen to Torrance Lewis speak about his role as District Sales Manager of the Jamaica Tourist Board and other opportunities that a tourist board offers. Why not join us for a visit to the museum of brands and participate in the ‘Marketing and Customer Profiling’ workshop?

Interested in Events?

Come with us to the Royal Opera house for a fascinating behind the scenes tour of the world renowned theatre and performing arts venue.  Why not also attend the presentation by Jessica Bannister of the British Arts Festival Association or Kalu Obuka and Netti Nanton of the St. John’s Ambulance and The Joanna Simpson Foundation? 

Interested in Airline and Travel?

You should not miss the presentation by Laverne Walker of Sackville Travel who will tell you all about working at one of the leading travel agencies in London or the ‘Ticket to Ride’ sessions presented by Philip Pryce and Andrea Bell of GSM London.

Interested in a Hospitality

Join Sophie Mills from the Malmaison Hotel to be enlightened on how be daring and different in this competitive industry and how to kick start a graduate career in hospitality.

Having participated in the events above I know you will want to join Gosbert Chagula from BACKR for the seminar on how to promote and package yourself for the perfect opportunity and listen to Fotios Vasileiou of GSM London tell you how to kick start your career and get valuable work experience while studying.   Ana Vrtar of Essential Staff will complete the week with an introduction to Barista training to teach you how to perfect the margarita, daiquiri, pina colada or a nice cup of coffee.

Welcome aboard!

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