December 12, 2018

Providing energy the SELCHP way

Next up in our series of Energy Futures week blogs is a report on a recent field trip to SELCHP.


GSM provide field trips whenever this is helpful and relevant to the Students as an aid for the practical side of their related subject Modules.


During the previous semester (E15) at the Department of Logistics and Operations, a number of Students were invited to visit South East London Combined Heat & Power (SELCHP) as part of their Module “Environmental Management for Sustainable Development“, in order to understand the practical field of renewable energy, such as in this case, biomass energy. SELCHP’s main function as a power station is to convert waste materials into electricity and heat, mainly for the local communities. At the start of the visit, the Students attended a lecture explaining the work and the history of SELCHP. At the end of the lecture, the Students spent the next part of their visit observing and listening to a SELCHP engineer’s explaining the function of each section/stage at the power station during the waste materials process at various locations within the power station itself. The Students also observed how this kind of biomass waste was eventually converted into heat and electricity. At the end of the tour, the engineer provided additional time to answer questions related to the tour and giving the Students further explanation.  

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