June 16, 2019

200 year history of Gas in UK and off-campus visit

Our final blog for Energy Futures Week is courtesy of Rupal Pattni, Module Leader and Lecturer for Total Quality Management and Logistics and Operations at GSM London.

I am very passionate about the way organisations operate in today’s changing environment.  For organisations to stay relevant they must be able to anticipate and meet consumer needs. Staying complacent in this day and age will limit the organisation’s ability to thrive, if not survive.  Having worked in numerous sectors, I bring experience from various industries and their capabilities and limitations.

Rupal Pattni
Rupal Pattni

Looking specifically at my experience from the automobile industry it has been interesting to watch the way manufacturers are now marketing their vehicles. From the traditional approach, arranging a visit to car dealership, to now having manufacturers rent retail spaces in shopping centres to promote their new product.  This may seem like a small change, but the implications of this shift in sales and marketing activity bring a host of new dynamics to this industry. Being involved in the way the strategy of an organisation is changed to adapt to its environment has been exciting, unpredictable and a massive learning experience; these are the experiences and lessons I bring to the classroom.

The visit to the National Gas Museum and the British Gas Academy will be a very valuable experience for any student.  As said by George Santayana -“Those who are unaware of history are destined to repeat it.” Essentially what we are saying is that as we cannot know where we are going unless we know where we have been.

The off site visit will be poignant to this as you will have the opportunity to view the journey the oil and gas industry has taken thus far, leading very appropriately to the opportunity to visit the British Gas Academy; one of the significant players in this organisation. From this visit the student will see where we have been and where we are going. Do you want to be part of that journey?

Having the ability to meet with the training organisation will be invaluable for prospective graduates. The Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation is in a position to be able to guide future Oil and Gas professionals about the ins and outs of finding your path within this sector. I hope that you were able to attend this session on Monday at Greenford, and truly appreciate the importance of having access to such a professional body of this calibre, as did I, when planning my career. This exposed me to routes and concepts which were unknown to me.

This also allowed me to manage my personal goals without compromising my professional ones and finding a path I was truly content with and enjoyed. I have a firm belief that you will only excel at something you have a true passion for and enjoy doing. Make sure you are taking the right step and use all the resources you have available. Are you using all the resources that are available to you?

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