June 16, 2019

Part-time Jobs

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Part-time Jobs

Many students work part-time during their studies. Not only does it help your bank balance but it can also give you the skills graduate employers seek.

A starting point:

Remember to be careful when replying to job advertisements. Not all are as genuine as they may seem.

Get the latest part-time jobs straight to your in-box. Our Vacancies Team send emails with part-time vacancies close to both Greenwich and Greenford campuses. Email us with your student number and campus location to receive the next edition. These emails are distributed every two weeks and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Student Ambassadors

From Open Days to telephone alumni, Student Ambassadors are involved with many different functions within GSM London. These are fully paid casual positions working from both campuses and across London. We recruit new Ambassadors throughout the year. Contact the Vacancies Team for more information.

How much should you be getting paid?

There is a national minimum wage rate based on age. If you are over 21 you should be paid at least £6.31/hr and £5.03 for those under 21. There are different rates for apprentices and younger workers. More information

Note that there are rules about tips and deductions from wages. If you are unsure you should call the Pay & Work Helpline on 0800 917 2368

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