June 26, 2019

The relationship between work experience and education

Experience provides a practical foundation to better perform in a role, as well as providing insight into course content when studying, giving room for better understanding. Thinking forward to a future after higher education, students with practical experience have generally been seen to have better prospects

Making a decision

You could already be in your desired career but still waiting for that dream position or you could be studying in the hope of obtaining that dream position. Either way, the combination of knowledge and experience is always a winning factor. When deciding on a career path it is best to obtain relevant experience, surveys suggest that majority of employers prefer work experience among graduates. In an employment market that favours the employer, graduates need to seek new ways to stand out.

Developing Transferable skills

Curriculum design is very important when considering one’s future after higher education, there is great value in seeking a course that has different work reflective modules or opportunities to visit or be part of business operations. This allows a student to obtain real-time field experience, through observing or applying themselves to a role they can develop communication, organisational and analytical skills as well enhancing their ability to work within a team. If a student is able to find paid employment that is great! but voluntary work is also highly valued amongst employers, as it shows enthusiasm and commitment.

Voluntary work

Voluntary work definitely has its rewards, it provides the opportunity for students and graduates to build confidence and make a positive contribution to society. It provides them with the chance to gain the skills they may need to pursue their chosen career and bolster their CV. As a volunteer, a person may get the opportunity to attend helpful training courses and network with professionals within the industry.

 GSM London see the importance of having work experience, they understand that getting a degree is not just about gaining knowledge, but it is also about enhancing employability, below are some of the steps GSM London are taking to ensure their students make the most out of their degrees.

Formation Zone

The formation zone is designed to offer help and advice to new entrepreneurs and those who have invested in small ventures that are already up and running. From established companies to new start-ups and GSM London have a consultancy team that work closely with their students to promote success.

Work-based learning

Work-based learning offers great promise, as it enables a student to have real-life work projects accredited towards their degree qualification. Through this the students job and studies complement each other perfectly. Effective work-based learning requires close collaboration between the student, the employer and the course supervisor. GSM London are strong advocates of work-based learning.

Business stimulations

Business simulation games offer a great opportunity to experience large-scale business projects in a virtual environment and put all skills to the test. These stimulations expose students to key practices they may encounter within a role. From strategy and decision-making to communication and financial planning, GSM London provides students with the relevant skills and knowledge which will assist them in their future careers.

If you need advice on ensuring that you are on the right track for your career, visit GSM London career zone for further information


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