April 22, 2019

You’ve been assessed

Assesment centre - Be prepared

Going for an interview or an assessment centre can be a nerve racking experience for anyone, but even more so if it’s for your dream job, following your graduation.  It’s the type of experience that brings to mind the familiar motto …. Be prepared!

It was with this old adage in mind that eighteen students from GSM gathered at the Greenwich campus in early June to undergo the second Mock Assessment centre event that has been run by the Careers and Employability team.  By way of explanation an Assessment Centre is a device frequently used by many employers to rapidly process a large number of candidates.  Sounds fine in theory, but in reality it turns out that it is not necessarily the best candidates who succeed, rather it is those who are best prepared for the type of exercises and tests that are all part and parcel of the experience.  It is the intention of the GSM Careers and Employability team to ensure that GSM students are amongst the best prepared of all candidates.

So does it work? and if so, what was the feedback from those involved.  Here are a number of quotes from students, assessors and members of the careers team who took part on the day.

I’ve learned a lot of skills, which I can build on. The team exercises and logical thinking sessions have been really useful.“  James  Joyce. (Student)

I’ve learnt the importance of participating in a panel conversation when being assessed by a potential employer.  Employers expect candidates to contribute so they can see what the candidate could bring to the firm. You’re not assessed on whether you solve the problem,  it’s on your contribution.  Also it’s shown how important it is to give other people a chance to contribute – together you can come to a better understanding of the subject.”   Stella Ogueri. (Student)

It’s given me a lot of awareness.  It’s a great opportunity and I’m happy to be here.  Every session has been useful.  The feedback from the assessors means I know where I need to improve – my strengths and weaknesses.” Davina Jack. (Student)

One of the most exciting things about today is seeing our students in action, working under pressure, then coming through and succeeding.  It’s always good to see success and achievement.“   Andrew Falconer.  (Careers & Employability Director)

All in all a great day was enjoyed by all concerned.  It may have been hard work but I’m quite sure that all of our students will feel a lot better prepared and a lot less nervous if and when they are called to an assessment centre for real.


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