July 17, 2019

Jemma Fox

Jemma Fox an Edit Assistant in the TV industry

A Day in the life of….

Hi I’m Jemma, and I’m an Edit Assistant working in the TV industry in Advertising. My job consists of a variety of different duties each day. I prep rushes for editors and prep for online stages (After Effects, Grade, Flame etc…). I am known as the tech wizard at work purely because everyday something goes wrong and I know how to fix everything, whether it being software based or it’s just maintenance of the machines and edit suites.


However, my role is not just being the go to person for anything tech and software related! I also get to edit and grade on a few projects. I’ve recently graded some online content for Plusnet Broadband for their ‘Plusnet Pioneers’ campaign which I was thrilled to do. Other projects I have worked on include an internal docuseries about one of our Karmarama chefs who was, back in his day, a ‘Roadie and Tour Manager’. I’ve edited my share of Nintendo adverts and short internal pieces as well as expand my editing outside of work.


How did I get into this? Well I was on a university course Film BA (Hons) and started out wanting to become a director.  I took every opportunity in production that I could. As I was nearing the end of my 2nd year I began learning more about the post and wanting to craft a story and fill in the jigsaw puzzle parts that make a film. It all started when I signed up with a couple of other friends to the universities creative agency, which gave us proper experience and outside exposure to working to a brief and with clients. After completing several documentaries, promos and music videos, I realised post production was where I wanted to be.


I sought advice from my lecturers on how to approach post houses, and outside guidance from a family member who is an editor himself. I got a reply back one day from a Post Production house called Halo Post who asked me in for a trial day and I literally jumped at the chance. I borrowed money from my mum to travel from Oxford to London and completed a truly successful day.  I was then offered the job as a runner and joined the runner team.


About 2-3months in I had served and spoken to my fair share of editors, flame artists, colourists and post producers and I knew this is the type of role I wanted to be in. I saw a job opening as an Edit Assistant at Kream and just went for it. They are a relatively small company compared to the likes of Halo however I knew I needed to progress further. Over three years later I am now training to become a Colourist and Online Editor. I am moving further up the ladder each day.


My advice to any other students looking to get into a creative career would be:

– Have an open mind:  you may think you know what you want to do but try to explore all avenues before you fully commit.

– Try and get as much outside university experience as you can.  Industries love to hear that you have taken initiative.

– Don’t turn your nose up at a lower position just because you have a degree. You will find that you need to work in the industry to fully know the job you’re in. There is more satisfaction in working your way up to the top and earning your place.

– Show enthusiasm in everything you do. Never say no to opportunities as this will impress.

–  Talk to people get an understanding of what you’re getting into.

– Do not sell yourself short and do not stand for exploitation, sexism and discrimination. Always speak out about this as this is far more important than your job in any industry.

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