July 23, 2019

My Student Journey at GSM London

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Events and Entertainment Management course

Events and Entertainment Management is a course of study that is quite deep, considering the assumptions of the general public regarding the industry, most people believe that for you to be an events and entertainment individual, you do not need any classroom training, some people believe that with 2 weeks training somewhere they can practice and be called specialist in this area. This is a completely wrong notion.
I have attended so many events and just being there 5mins I can identify all the loopholes. In some cases I have had to step up and assist the organisers, so their guest doesn’t notice the hiccups, that is if they are my personal friends, other times I just observe and give feedback to event organisers.

Have you learnt anything new at Gsm London?

My time at GSM London studying Events and Entertainment has been quite educative, enlightening, and rewarding. Every Semester there is something new to learn; Modules such as Professional skills, Marketing Plan/Communication, Digital Marketing, Events Operations, Employability skills, Events design and a lot more. All these have helped me to understand more the intricacies of putting together a successful event.

What events have you participated in?

I most recently attended an African Movie Premiere at the Greenwich Odeon Cinema, it was a good experience for me, as I am quite passionate about events and like to sample all events, from Awards ceremonies, premieres, conferences, gigs, Seminars, all these help to broaden my network and also helps me to identify where there are lapses in the industry, the main essence of me being a part of the industry is to be able to fill the gaps, and to make my service unique from the rest of the crowd.
I have helped to organise several events such as:
• The Uncelebrated Nigerians Award
• African Film awards
• The Nelas Awards
• Dove House Valentines Party (2016)
• Panache Awards
• The Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit
• The NDDIS Christmas Party

I can boldly say that I have a long list of events that I have helped to plan and execute over the years, and there is that distinct flavour and colour in anything I am part of, as most of the time my passion and enthusiasm for the industry comes to light through the delivery of good quality events people always enjoy and appreciate.
The Nigerian Diaspora Direct Investment Summit was another big three day event which involved attendees from different parts of the world. It was a successful outing of top government officials, Multinational and private companies, it was an event I felt very proud to be a part of the organising committee.

What have you enjoyed the most on your journey as a student at GSM London?

Project Placement Design and Implementation is one module I enjoyed last semester where I learnt about crowdfunding which is a process of raising awareness and funds towards a chosen cause or charity. All the various platforms available and how to identify which one best suits the purpose of the cause or charity. I see this as value added to my fountain of knowledge as I am quite passionate about charitable causes, and now I have a wider Idea knowledge and understanding of how to support any charity of my choice.
I have always maintained that education is key to the development of all individuals, there is no age limit or set out time. If you set your mind to it you can do it and achieve excellence and there is no better place to do it than GSM London as it prepares you for the journey ahead in your chosen career. It is an institution with no age barrier, no cultural or race discrimination. The place to discover your potentials and use it to your benefit.

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